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Filter and Quick Search

The Filter tool is available on the Pages list view and many views within the content management system. The Filter tool allows the content listed on the screen to be delimited by the string typed into the Filter field. The filter applies to specific columns that are available on the screen and usually the filter does not apply to the date column.

Filter and Quick Search bar

If the Quick Search functionality is turned on, it is possible to search the entire site for content. This search allows you to find content in order to easily navigate to a desired page.

On the Pages list view the Quick Search is also the Filter tool. Content in the current view is filter; pressing Enter uses the Quick Search functionality to search the entire site.

Advanced Search allows for additional search criteria to be applied. The search can be narrowed by:

  • Content (the search term)
  • Path
  • Title
  • Description
  • Keywords
  • Other Meta
  • Limited in scope to current folder and below

Limited in scope to only pages to which you have access.