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How OU Campus Works

  • You will be working in a development directory called Omnidev.
  • You will be publishing your test files to the directory Omnidev on WWW.
  • As you work on conversion, your sites will be viewable on www.unco.edu/omnidev/site-name from campus or when logged in to Junos Pulse off campus.
  • Files will be built as .PCF in development and published as .ASPX, not HTML.
  • When you are ready to make your new site live we will move it out of Omnidev directory to a top level directory in Campus.
  • Web Communications will archive your old site and publish the new one for you. From then on, your publish button will send files to the actual directory in WWW, not the test Omnidev directory.

Web Page Flow         

  • Web authors will create and edit pages on the OU Campus server in the cloud, not via UNC’s shared drives.
  • When files are published, the OU Campus server FTP’s them to production on the UNC WWW server.

On the OU Campus Server

Content entered by web authors is stored in a database and, when the page is published, that content is combined with the template code to form an .aspx page (which replaces html pages).

CMS server file flow