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Creating Widgets

  1. Navigate to Widgets Folder
  2. Select New
  3. Double click on the Widget you want to create
    new widget modal
  4. Name the Widget
    Remember: Use only lower case, underscores and dashes
    Name widget field
  5. Click Create.
  6. Click the orange MultiEdit button or click green Content button.
  7. Fill out necessary fields dependent on Widget type.
  8. Click Save and then Publish.
  9. Then insert the widget on the appropriate page(s).

Editing Widgets

  1. Navigate to your sites widget folder
  2. Open widget you want to edit/update
  3. Check out the file and select the orange Multiedit button or click the green Content button.
  4. Make desired changes.
  5. Click Save and republish the widget.
    After republishing the widget you will see the changes throughout your site where the widget has been inserted.