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Using Snippets

Snippets are another type of editable content in OU Campus. Snippets can be placed into any editable region inside OU Campus, and when inserted, the snippet code becomes part of the page’s HTML. A snippet is a great way to break-up or organize content and can also give you the ability to add additional rows within one column.

When you insert a snippet in an editable region, it creates a table with cells for entering content. The table is stripped away when the page is saved. The phrase "Press enter to add more content" does not show up in the page, instead it is a placeholder to allow you to enter content under the snippet if needed.

It's important to remember you can insert a snippet inside a snippet for formatting purposes.

View the Web Style Guide for more information about snippets!

Inserting a Snippet

  1. Select a page for editing and open the JustEdit Toolbar by editing an editable region.
  2. In the JustEdit Toolbar, place the cursor where the snippet is to be inserted and click the Insert Snippet icon.

    Inserting a snippet through the JustEdit toolbar

  3. In the Choose Snippet modal, select the snippet and click Insert.

    Choosing a snippet to insert

  4. Once the Snippet is inserted on the page, edit the content as desired.
    error_outline Snippets will display in a table format in the JustEdit editor to make it easier to format content within them. When outside of an editable content region the table will transform into the snippet format.
  5. To add a row, place your cursor in the last cell and hit the Tab key. If you want to delete a row or column, select the entire area and right click then select "Delete" row or column.
  6. Click Save and Exit to view the snippet on the page.