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Assets allow you to create and manage reusable content in one location and place that content on an unlimited number of pages. They are managed centrally from Content > Assets and can be placed on any number of pages. When an asset is edited and published, all pages subscribing to that asset are automatically republished to reflect the change. Remember, before an Asset can be viewed on a page in Preview mode, it must be published.

Asset Access

When an Asset is created, it can be:

  • Locked to just the site you are in
  • Restricted to specific OU Campus group for editing
  • Available for use by a specific OU Campus group for inserting into a site
    Note: Groups are created when the Site is initially built to establish permissions into sites

Creating a New Asset

  1. Navigate to the Assets list view by selecting Content > Assets from the Global Navigation Bar.
    Navigate to assets under content
  2. From the Asset Manager screen, click New and then select a type of asset to create from the New Asset modal. Depending on your access settings, you may only be able to create a few of these asset types.
    New asset modal option
  3. Fill out all necessary text fields and set permission levels using the drop-down menus in the Access Settings.
  4. The newly created asset will be added to the Assets list view. The new asset will also be available for other users to add directly to their pages using the Insert Asset icon in the JustEdit toolbar.

Note: Changes to the asset cannot be made from directly in the JustEdit editor. If changes are desired, edit the original asset inContent > Assets

Any changes made to the asset will update universally to all subscribing pages once the changes are republished. 

Using Assets

If an asset is available for your use, you can see the Edit, Preview, and Publish File choices when you roll over the name in the list of Assets. If you can't see the choices, then the Asset is restricted.

Asset list choices

Insert an Asset

  1. Select a page for editing and open the JustEdit Toolbar by entering an editable region. 
  2. In the JustEdit Toolbar, place your cursor where the asset is to be inserted and click the Insert Asset icon from the toolbar.
    Inserting an Asset from the JustEdit toolbar
  3. Select an asset to include from the Asset Browser modal and click Insert to include the asset in the page.
    Choosing an asset to insert

error_outline Assets cannot be edited or rendered in the WYSIWYG. To view an asset, save the page and exit the JustEdit editor. Assets can be viewed in either the Edit or Preview view before the page is published.