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Standards for OU Campus Pages at UNC

Resources for Content and Design

University Relations has established this style guide, based on the Associated Press Stylebook,  for use in non-academic, written communications including web pages.

View the Writing Style Guide

Creative Services has compiled a list of design best practices and examples, including image sizes and usage, to assist web authors in building professional web pages.

View the Web Style Guide

Mailing Address Format

University of Northern Colorado
Department Name
Campus Box XX
Greeley, CO 80639


The filename of the Subsection or Page determines the URL, such as www.unco.edu/web-support/resources/ou-campus/titles-descriptions.aspx  In this example, resources and ou-campus are names for the Subsections and titles-descriptions is the filename of the Page in the ou-campus Subsection.

  • Filenames should be lower case, machine-readable words with dashes in between. An example is www.unco.edu/elementary-education vs. www.unco.edu/eled. The dash indicates separate words to a search engine.
  • Filenames, including for documents such as PDF’s, shouldn’t use spaces since they are indicated by the characters %20 in a browser URL and that causes a URL to look confusing. Some operating systems do not allow spaces in filenames.

Shortened URL's

  • Long URL’s are problematic for print pieces. To accommodate that, departments, programs and grants, can request a short URL on the dept.unco.edu subdomain, such as dept.unco.edu/eled. These URL’s actually go to the longer, SEO-friendly URL. Please submit a ticket to request a short URL for your unit home page. 

Page Title

  • Titles should be roughly 55 characters.
  • The Page Title should start with the most relevant word, such as Web Support at the University of Northern Colorado or Faculty in Earth Sciences and Astronomy at UNC.
  • Academic departments should use [Department Name] at the University of Northern Colorado or at UNC, depending on the length of the name.
  • If the Title becomes too long, you an use UNC or omit it entirely since the Page is on the UNC domain.
  • Page Titles show up in the browser window and search engine results.

Page Description

  • Descriptions should be between 60-150 characters.
  • The technical term for this is a meta description, and the information is in the part of the page code that is only read by search engines.
  • Search engines such as Google use the meta description to return results that match a user’s search.
  • These short paragraphs are your opportunity to advertise the page content to searchers and let them know whether the page contains the information they're looking for.
  • It is also a chance to convince users to click through to the page.
  • If a page does not have a meta description, the search engine reads the first text on the site.

Here is an example from CU – the results are from text displayed in the footer since there is no description.

CU page description

Examples of Descriptions for UNC page

  1. Learn the advantages of a Physics degree from UNC and find information about faculty, recent news and events.
  2. UNC Housing - Connect with the community and enjoy the amenities of worry-free living in our award-winning residence halls.
  3. Web Communications provides support for OU Campus and can help you with questions about your UNC web site.


  • Keywords are used by UNC's search tool.
  • Choose the terms you think users will type into the search box.
  • Keep the keywords simple, one word or two or three word phrases.
  • Separate keywords and phrases by commas.
  • Use 1- 4 words or phrases.
  • An example is dining, menu, hours.
  • When in doubt about using singular or plural for words, use singular.

Have a question about standards or suggestions about information to add to this page? Submit a ticket at help.unco.edu or through the OU Campus gadget and we'll find the answer or improve the page!