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Spell Check

Spell check utilizes the OU Campus global dictionary, as well as the custom site/account dictionaries to spell check a page. You can run Spell Check from the Page Check or JustEdit toolbar.  

It is recommended to click on the spell check icon in the JustEdit toolbar while you are editing a content region.

Spell Check in the JustEdit Toolbar

Spell check is also available when using the WYSIWYG editor. Spell check can be toggled on and off by a user and provides an on-screen indication of misspelled words in the region that is being edited.

This is the recommended way to check spelling.

  1. Click the Spell Check icon from the JustEdit Toolbar. 
    Spellcheck icon
  2. Misspelled words are identified with a solid, red underline.
  3. Click on the word identified as misspelled. This displays a list of words that may be selected to replace the misspelled word and other options. Select one of the suggested words to replace it or one of the other provided options.
    List of recommended replacement words
    Note: The suggested word is capitalized but will insert as lowercase. 

Performing a Spell Check

  1. Navigate to the Pages list view by selecting Content > Pages from the global navigation bar and select the page to be edited.
    Page check icon
  2. Select Page Check button in the Page Actions toolbar to display the Page Check modal or click the publish button to display the Final check modal.
    Remember: The page must be checked out to you in order to run a page check.
  3. Click on the Spelling button to display the Spell Check Results modal.
    Page check modal
  4. When errors are encountered, the Spelling button highlights red and displays the number of errors underneath the button. Clicking the number of errors will bring up the Spell Check Results error report. From there, you can view which words were marked misspelled and the number of instances each word appears on the page. The Spell Check results can be opened in a new window to make it easier to find words.
    Page check with spelling errors
    Tip: Double click the word to highlight it and suggestions will appear. The suggested words are capitalized but will insert as lowercase. Occasionally you have to reselect the correct word to get it to "take."