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Subsection Properties

The Subsection properties affect all pages within a Subsection. 

Editing the Subsection Properties

  1. Navigate to the Subsection by selecting Content > Pages from the global navigation bar.  
  2. Open the Subsection to be edited. 
  3. Check out the _props.pcf file within that Subsection. 
  4. Select Properties from the Page Action Toolbar
    Properties in Page Action Toolbar
  5. Select Parameters
  6. Make any necessary changes to Subsection parameters and click Save
    Subsection Parameters page

Subsection Properties Choices

  • Section Title (under Custom Settings) will show up in the Breadcrumbs and should be a descriptive name such as Support, Programs, or About Us. 
  • Widgets are first created in the Widget folder and then selected in the Subsection Properties to display. This will allow the Widget to appear on every page of the Subsection. 
    Rememeber: The order of the Widget files in the Properties file control the order in which they appear on the page. 
  • Section Resources control the navigation and other aspects of the Page – do not change these Properties.