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A unique version of a page is saved through the automatic version control system every time a page is published. A backup version of a page can also be created at will with the use of the Save Version button. 

The Versions screen

  • Shows the number of versions saved for the page
  • Shows a sortable list of versions, which includes the revision number for the page, the date it was saved, the page author, the version description given with the save or publish, and other options
  • Allows for comparing the current staging version to the current production version
  • Provides a method for saving another version of the page
  • Allows for reverting to a previous version of the page 

Save Version screen

Saving a New Version

  1. While viewing the checked out page, click Save Version.
    Versions in page actions toolbar
  2. Enter descriptive text for the version. This can be viewed from the Versions screen and can be a useful clue in the future if it is necessary to determine that a page should be reverted to a previous version. 
    Save Version modal

  3. Click Save Version.

Comparing Versions

  1. Navigate to the Pages list view by selecting Content > Pages from the global navigation bar. Check out the page and hover over the page’s row and select Versions from the Review Additionally, click on the content’s hyperlinked name and select Versions from the Page Actions toolbar.comparing versions
  2. In the Versions view, hover over the target version’s row and select Compare. Additionally, the file can be compared to the newest version on the production server by clicking Compare to Live and selecting a target site from the corresponding drop-down menu.

Reverting to a Previous Version

  1. Navigate to the pages list view and check out the desired file. Hover over the Review menu for the file, and select Versions.
  2. From the Versions screen, hover over the menu bar for the desired version and click Revert.Revert toolbar