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Renaming Content

The Rename feature allows you to rename files. It is important to note that using the rename feature only renames a file; it does not convert between file types (for example, you cannot save a .JPG image as a .PNG image by simply editing the file extension).

  1. A file can be renamed from the Pages list view by hovering over the row and selecting Rename from the File menu.
    Note: A file does not have to be checked out to be renamed.
    Reanem files pages list

  2. Input the new file name.
    When the new name has been added, click away from the box or press the Enter key. If you want to cancel renaming a file, press the Escape key.
  3. Publish the renamed file.

Note: The original file remains on the Production server and can only be deleted by OU Campus Administrators. Please submit a ticket through the Technical Support Center and choose Website Assistance as the request type.