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Using the Recycle Bin

The recycle bin is a tool that allows you to "recycle" files on the staging server as opposed to permanently deleting them. Files in the Recycle Bin can be restored or permanently deleted by any user with access to the recycle bin.

You can access the Recycle bin via the Global Navigation Bar, Content > Recycle Bin

Content > Recycle Bin

Recycling Files

  1. From the Pages-list view (Content > Pages) hover over the file row and from the File menu chose Move to Recycle Bin
    Select Move to Recycle Bin
  2.  Alternatively, one or more files can be selected by clicking the checkbox next to each file name and clicking Move to Recycle Bin in the table header.
    Recycle multiple files
  3. The resulting modal will notify you of any pages that link to the soon-to-be recycled file. You are able to click the links to open each page in a new tab, in order to quickly fix the resulting broken links from the recycle.
    Confirm move to recycle bin modal
  4. Click Move to Recycle Bin.
    Note: galena-sandbox is the OmniUpdate test site.