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Deleting Content

Deleting subsections, pages, and other files will completely remove the files from the system, including previous versions and backups. Deleting files and directories will remove them from both the staging and production servers.

You can only delete entire subsections or non-binary files (images, PDFs). If you want to remove a page from your pages-list you need to move the page to the recycle bin.

Deleting a Subsection

  1. Navigate to the Pages-list view and locate the subsection to be deleted.
  2. Hover over the row for the subsection and select File, from the drop down select Delete
  3. A modal will appear to confirm the delete. Follow the modal instructions.
  4. Click the red Delete button.

Deleting Multiple Subsections

  1. Navigate to the Pages-list view and locate the subsections to be deleted.
  2. Select the checkboxes for the subsections
  3. Click Delete in the table header
  4. A modal wil appear to confirm deleting the subsections. Follow the modal instructions.
  5. Click the red Delete button.