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Checking Pages Out and In

Pages are checked in and out by users when they are edited. When a page is checked out to a user more functionalities become available. Additionally, checking out a page locks the file to you so other users can't edit the content until it's been checked back in.  You can have multiples files checked out simultaneously.

Checking Out a Page

  1. Click the Lightbulb icon in the Page Actions toolbar while editing any page to check out a file. This will lock the file to you, so other users will not be able to edit the content until the file is checked back in or published.
    Page actions toolbar
  2.  Alternatively, you can check out files from the File Navigation Sidebar or the Content > Pages list view. Click the Lightbulb icon for any pages to check the file out.
    File Navigation sidebar

Checking In a Page

Checking a page back in unlocks the file and allows other users are able to edit the content. Keep in mind after checking a file back in certain functionalities will become unavailable.

  1. Clicking the Lightbulb again will check the file back in. Neither action can be performed if the Lightbulb icon has been replaced by a Lock icon, indicating the file is already checked out to another user.
  2. Keep track of your checked out content in the "My Checked-Out Content" Gadget either from the Gadget sidebar or in the Dashboard.
    Dashboard gadgets light bulb