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Staging vs. Production

By default, the OU Campus Content Management System includes a staging server and a production server. The staging server is not public-facing and can be used to preview content prior to publishing it to a public-facing website on the production server.


The staging server is used to store and serve web pages in the editing, workflow, and approval process prior to publishing on the target production server. Remember, when making updates to content within OU Campus and clicking the Save button, the file is only saved on the staging server. The updated content is not viewable on the web until the page is published.

Staging server


The production server (WWW) is updated via the staging server. Published pages are transformed with the XSLT engine and the specific XSLs from an implementation and the resultant HTML and/or other page products (such as automatically-generated PDFs) are put on the production server.

Production Server

Note: When a file is deleted from the staging server, it is also deleted from the production server. Any time a file is deleted, it is removed from all locations.