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Publishing Files

Publishing a file sends the file to UNC's WWW server.

While the site is in the development mode, the pages are published to a development directory named Omnidev. The URL for the production server (test site) is www.unco.edu/omnidev/department-name.

The www.unco.edu/omnidev URL is only viewable on campus or through Junos Pulse off campus. It is a protected directory and is not open to the public or search engines.

Also in development mode, the pages are created and edited in a staging server (a working-on-the-pages-but-not-done-yet-space). The directory on the staging server is also called Omnidev.  This is roughly the equivalent of the local files on Dreamweaver except the files exist on Omni's cloud server.

When you hit publish, the OU Campus template and the content in the editable regions are combined to form the final .aspx page. Most pages will now have the .aspx extension rather than .html.

Publishing can now be scheduled so specialty pages can be created ahead of time and set to go live at a later date.