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Profile List Page

A Profile List Page automatically pulls Profile Pages onto one listing page that includes the individual's name, title, contact information and, if you chose, a link to his or her individual profile page.

Profile List Page example

Creating a Profile List Page

  1. Navigate to page that you want to display the Profiles List on
  2. Click the Insert Snippet icon and select the Profiles List snippet
  3. Click Insert
  4. Set the number of columns (1-3)
  5. Enter Profile Group number (1-5)
    Examples of Profile Groups are faculty, staff, teaching assistants and adjunct faculty. If you would like these or similar categories to appear as separate groups on the page, assign each group a unique number between 1 and 5. If all names should appear just as an alphabetical list, leave the Profile Group as the default (1).
    Profile list snippet
  6. If you have multiple Profile Groups you will need to insert the Profile List snippet for each group  faculty, staff, etc.) and then select the designated Group number (1-5)  to display the appropriate profiles.
  7. Click the Save and Exit icon

Listing Page Options

The following Listing Page options are set in Page Properties > Parameters of a specific profile page under Dynamic Profile Page Listing Options:

dynamic profile listing options

Show in Profile List

When this option is turned on, the profile will populate on the Profile Listing Page. If it is turned off, the profile will not display on the Listing Page.

Add Link to Profile List

When this option is toggled on, it will display a link ("Read Full Bio") to the full profile page for that faculty or staff member.

Alternate Link

If a member of your faculty or staff already has an existing profile page in a you can use an alternate URL for the "Read Full bio" link. This means you will not need to add the content to the Profile page your created in your faculty subsection and instead from your faculty listing page users will be sent to the existing profile page. Additionally, the faculty members information will only need to be updated and maintained in one location instead of two.

Just make sure the Add Link Profile list option is toggled to "Alternate URL". Then in the "Alternate Link" field you can either paste in the alternate URL or browse to it via the browse icon.

Profile Group

Assign a group (1-5) to a user if you want to organize your Profile Listing page by specified groups. An example would be if you wanted to separate Faculty and Staff profiles on that same Listing Page.

Sort Value

The Sort Value of a Profile Page is a unique identifier that is used to sort the Profiles on the Listing Page. The Sort Value is set in Page Properties > Parameters of individual Profile Pages. It defaults to the individual's Last Name, First Name to alphabetize the listings.

Additional Text

Whatever content is put in the "Additional Text" field will display under the phone number on the Faculty listing page.  This can be a perfect spot for office location if you want faculty members offices to be listed on the Profile Listing Page.