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Faculty Supplemental Page

In addition to the standard profile page, faculty can create an additional page, called a supplemental page. There can be multiple pages if needed. As with all UNC pages, there are standards associated with their creation. The Deans Offices have oversight of these pages and each college can determine how the page(s) should be approved.

In the CMS, a faculty can have permissions to create the page (contributor) and submit it to a web author or create and publish the page, depending on the college process.  Links to these pages can be included in the standard profile page. Only pages within the UNC domain should be linked in the standard profile.


The University supports the efforts of faculty to represent the breadth and quality of scholarly work to students, grant agencies and other public entities. Each faculty is encouraged to have a full profile page within the department web presence and can also create a more in-depth professional page to supplement the profile page. The following guidelines exist to ensure a standard of quality that reflects the excellence of the university’s faculty.

Content Guidelines

  • Page content must be academically oriented and expand on the scholarly work of the faculty member.
  • Pages cannot be used for personal gain in any area that is commercial, political, religious, or otherwise non-academic. Links to artifacts available for purchase that related to one’s research, scholarship or creative works and are academic in nature are permissible.
  • Personal information not related to professional position at UNC and personal social media links are not allowed on the pages.
  • Web hosting is for current, public web pages only and is not to be used for archival storage.
  • Course related material must be hosted on the university’s Learning Management System.
  • Pages must adhere to the standards, policies and procedures of the university.
  • Content must present an accurate approach to the scholarly work and information.
  • Information on pages must be kept current.
  • A disclaimer must exist on each page: "This site is the work of an individual and does not reflect the views of the university."

Process Guidelines

  • The Dean’s Office must confirm that the page aligns with these guidelines before it can be linked on the faculty profile page.
  • Each page will be hosted on UNC’s server and follow the UNC branding guidelines.
  • Faculty must build the page in the Content Management System (CMS).
  • Existing pages will be converted into the CMS within one semester and all new pages will be built in the CMS.