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Editing a Profile Page

Web authors can edit and maintain Profile pages if they choose or Faculty and staff members can update their own page only.

Web Authors

As a web author, you will need to complete the following steps to set up the initial Page for the Faculty/Staff member to update:


The Faculty/Staff member will need to complete the following steps to edit their Profile Page:

Content Edits

  1. Navigate to the URL provided by Web Author in your browser and select the DirectEdit Link.
  2. Login to your OU Campus account
  3. Select green Region buttons to update editable region content

    Editable region buttons


Within this mulitedit functionality you can add and/or update the following information:

  • Name
  • Title
  • Department/School
  • College, Contact information
  • Office location and hours
  1. Select orange Multiedit button to update contact information, turn on/off optional editable regions 
    Multiedit button
  2. Click Save

Page Parameters

  1. Select Properties > Parameters
  2. Here you can edit the following profile page components:
    1. Title and Metadata detials
    2. Custom Settings
    3. Add additional Editable regions
    4. Dynamic Profile Listing Options (show in profile list, add link profile list, altnerate link, profile group, sort value and additional text)
    5. Turn on/off Sidebar content
  3. Click Save

Publish Changes

  1. Click green Publish or Submit button once you have made all of your updates
  2. If your Page requires approval by a Web Author, he or she will publish the final Page for you after they have approved the content.