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Creating Profile Pages

To create a new Profile Page complete the following steps:

  1. From subsection select green New button
  2. From the page template options modal select New Profile Page
  3. Fill out New Profile Page modal information
    New profile page modal

  4. Click Create
  5. Select Properties > Parameters
  6. Under Dynamic Profile Page Listing Options:
    1. Toggle Show in Profile List on/off: Turning this off means the profile will display in the Profile List.
    2. Toggle Add Link Profile List on/off: Turning this off will disable the link to the profile page)
    3. Set Profile Group number:  Assign a group number (1-5) to a user if you want to organize your Profile Listing page by specified groups. Multiple users can be assigned the same number. An example would be if you wanted to separate Faculty and Staff profiles on the same listing page. You would set Faculty Profile Groups as 1 and Staff members as Profile Group 2. 
    4. Set sort value (by default sort value is last name, first name)
    5. Add additional text: This field can be used for office location or other important information. This note will display under the individual's phone number on the Profile Listing Page.
  7. Click Save
  8. Click Edit in the Page Actions toolbar
  9. Click orange Multiedit button to:
      • Upload image (must be sized 160x160)
      • Add/Edit contact information
      • Upload Vita
      • Remember the following regions are required by the Provost for all Faculty: Education, Professional/ Academic experience, Research/Areas and Interest and Publications/Creative Works
  10. Click Save and Publish

Faculty profile Page example

Staff or Non-Faculty Profile Pages

If this Profile Page is being created for someone who is not a Faculty member (e.g.: A staff member) you can turn off all or some of the editable regions required for Faculty by the Provost via Properties > multiedit function. Remember to click Save after making any changes.

Editable regions turned off for staff only

Additional Content Regions

To add additional content regions select Properties > Parameters and add the regions in the Region 1 Heading and Region 2 Heading fields. Be sure to click Save before exiting.

Additional regions options

example of a staff profile page