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Editing Content on a Page

There are several types of editors available to edit pages in distinctly different ways, but the JustEdit editor is the most common way for users to edit pages in OU Campus.

The JustEdit (What You See Is What You Get) Toolbar allows for a familiar experience of editing a page similar to that of many web applications and traditional word processors.

Editing using the JustEdit Toolbar

  1. Navigate to the page to be edited from Pages list view
  2. Select an editable region by clicking on a green content region edit button. This opens the JustEdit Toolbar.
    JustEdit toolbar
  3. Make any necessary changes using the toolbar and click  Save and Exit when done. 
  4. Tip: A copy/paste from a web page can cause incorrect formatting on your page. You can clear formatting via the clear-formatting Clear Formatting button on the JustEdit toolbar. 

Tip: You can hover over toolbar icons to get a preview of the icon's purpose and action.