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Top Navigation

top navigation example

A _topnav.pcf file is automatically created and is located inside the site's master section. Web authors must create and edit the file for proper top-level navigation.

Check out navigation file in Directory

Creating Your Sites Top Nav

  1. Open the _topnav.pcf file and check it out to you
  2. Click the green TopNav button to begin inserting your navigation links
  3. Delete the Link 1 copy; be sure you do not delete the inserted bullet
  4. Type in your first link title (e.g.: Home)
    Using JustEdit to Edit Navigation
  5. Use the link icon in the JustEdit toolbar to browse to the page you want to link.
    Remember: All items in the list must be linked  to a page to display in the Top Nav
  6. Press Enter to add additional Level 1 links
  7. Press Enter + Tab to add a sublink (Level 2 navigation)
    To return to Level 1 links select Shift + Tab on your keyboard
  8. Publish the _topnav.pcf to see updates reflected on the live site

See "Tips for editing top navigation" in the _topnav.pcf file of your master section for more instructions on creating top navigation.