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Side Navigation

Each subsection automatically creates a _sidenav.pcf file. You have to go in and add the links to create the sidenav.

Don't forget to make sure the Right Sidebar and Right Side Navigation options are toggled on under Page Properties > Parameters in order for the side navigation to display on the designated pages.

Creating Side Navigation

  1. Navigate to the _sidenav.pcf file for the Subsection.
  2. Check out the file and navigate to the edit menu OR click on the file name and go directly to the page and then check out the file to begin editing.
    Checking out Sidenav file in Directory
  3. Click on the green SideNav button to begin editing the side navigation
  4. Delete Link 1 text, but do not delete the inserted bullet
  5. Use the link icon in the JustEdit Toolbar to insert and/or edit the link
    Editing sidenavigation with JustEdit
  6. Press enter (or enter + tab) to add additional navigation links
  7. Publish the _sidenav.pcf file for the links and/or any changes to be reflected on the live site.

Read the "Tips for editing side navigation" located in the _sidenav.pcf file for more instructions