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Creating Breadcrumbs

A breadcrumb is the path to the current page that displays immediately below the top navigation. Users can click on the links in the breadcrumb to get back to a specific section of the site.

breadrcumb example

Breadcrumbs are initially created when a Subsection is created and  is set by the field called "Friendly Name"

breadcrumb for subsection

Changing Breadcrumb

Each Subsection of the site appears in the Breadcrumb as the user navigates to the home or other pages of the Subsection. If the Subsection is renamed, the breadcrumb does not automatically update. However, the breadcrumb can be edited in the _props file > page parameters of the Subsection.

change the breadcrumb for a section

Page Breadcrumbs

When a new page is created, the Page Setup fields include  Page Title and that is the name that appears in the breadcrumbs.

breadcrumb for new page

Updating a Page Breadcrumb

To change the breadcrumb of an existing page, edit the Breadcrumb field in the Page Parameters (Properties > Parameters).

change a page breadcrumb