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Navigation and Breadcrumbs

Every Master Section (site) has a _topnav file and each Subsection has a _sidenav file in case it is needed. Breadcrumbs are automatically generated when a sub section or web page is created. You can change the bread crumbs via the page parameters.

Top Navigation

All UNC pages will now use a top level navigation and each top level link needs to have an associated web page. Top level links can have drop down links, called second level navigation.

Example of site top navigation

Side Navigation

Individual pages can have a right sidebar navigation specific to that subsection, those links would be third level navigation.

Side navigation example

In rare cases, a site may be deep enough to need a fourth level of navigation and those would be sublinks of the third level, right sidebar navigation.


Breadcrumbs allow user to know where they are within your site and can be used as a form of navigation.

It is important to determine the structure of your site (Subsections and pages) as thoroughly as possible before you begin to build it in the CMS. Determining that ahead of time will save time spent moving and renaming files and editing navigation files.

Breadcrumb example