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Uploading Images

  1. Navigate to the Pages List view by clicking Content > Pages.
  2. Navigate to the image folder to which the image(s) should be uploaded. 
  3. Click the Upload button in the top right of the screen. 
    Upload button
  4. The Upload modal will appear; click the green Add button to browse for files store locally. You can also drag files into the modal instead. 
    Upload image modal
  5. If necessary, click Rename to rename the file and either click away from the file name field or press Enter to save the changes. Click Remove to remove the file from the upload queue. 
    Note: File names cannot contain spaces and the file size limit is 500K.
    Rename image modal
  6. Click Start Upload to upload the images into the designated image folder. 

Upload and Insert an Image

  1. From the Edit view of a page enter the editable region where the image will be inserted. 
  2. Click the Insert/Edit Image icon in the JustEdit toolbar.
    Image icon in JustEdit toolbar
  3. Click the Browse icon for a file to bring up the file chooser.
  4. Navigate to the desired image folder and click the gray Upload button in to the top-right of the modal. 
  5. Click the Add button to browse for the files stored locally; you can also drag files into the modal.
  6. If necessary, click Rename to rename the file.
  7. Click Start Upload to upload files into the folder. 
  8. After image has been successfully uploaded, click Insert.