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Obtaining Images for OU Campus

There are high quality UNC images in the user-restricted PhotoShelter gallery used by Creative Services. When you submit the Request Site/Access form, your UNC email address will be added to the user access list for Photoshelter.

The Photoshelter Gallery is listed in the Add-ons link in the Global Navigation bar and the Gallery URL is uncbears.photoshelter.com.  If you need a specific image type you can't find in the Gallery, please submit a Marketing Request form to Creative Services.

The Gallery has multiple image sizes available for download depending on how you want to use the image in your site.

These is some flexibility in the width of images placed in rows and columns since the image adjusts to the size of the container. The image should be close to the correct width or height since images increase the download time of your page.

The Banner image is an exception; it must be 1600X440 pixels. An incorrect size will interfere with the structure of the top part of your page.

Accessing the Galleries

Choose the Add-ons link in the Global Navigation bar or go to uncbears.photoshelter.com. Click on the Galleries link. Please note you can also search by keyword, such as "studying."

photoshelter toolbar

1. Browse to an image you want to download for use and click on the download link.

download link photoshelter

2. You will be prompted to enter the UNC Global Password.

3. Use your UNC email and select a unique password. This password will not be tied to your UNC network account so please remember it.

4. Once you have logged in to Photoshelter, you will have choices of multiple sizes for the download of the image.

download sizes

Note: The largest size you should need is the 2400 px width since the banner image is 1600X440 px. For galleries and other parts of the OU Campus site, the small image should suffice.

5. Once you click on the desired size, the image will download onto you computer. You can then edit it if needed, upload it into your OU Campus Images folder and insert it into your OU Campus page via the insert image link in the JustEdit toolbar.

image download button

6. Remember to publish the image or page so the image will display on the production sever.