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Image Limitations

The image itself should be well composed, well lit and sharp. The UNC photo gallery has professional images you are encouraged to use.

Creative Services can assist with profile images and you can contact Barry Lapoint for a Tuesday or Wednesday photo appointment.

If you are using images of UNC students or children taken by someone other than Creative Services, you must have their permission. Contact Creative Services at 970-351-2331 for more information.

File size/Type

  • Image file sizes must be smaller than 300K. If the image is too large, a message will be displayed at the bottom of the  upload modal and the upload will not be allowed.

error message for filesize restrictions on images

  • You can reduce the file size by reducing the dimensions (width and height) and saving the image for web in a tool such as Photoshop.
  • Certain types of images cannot be uploaded; the use of JPG, PNG and GIF are all allowed.

File Name

The file name of an image can't contain spaces or capitalization. if you have a image that has an invalid file name you will get an error message. Under Status/Options you can select to rename the image file to the proper naming convention.