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Image Galleries

The Image Gallery Asset feature allows you to easily create and manage image galleries that can be placed inside editable regions on pages. At any time, images can be deleted, added, rearranged, and information about them edited.

Image Galleries are first created and published as an Asset which is then inserted into a Page region. The type of Image Gallery displayed is set in Page Parameters. It's important to remember that each individual page can only have one image gallery.

Set Image Gallery type in Parameters

For more detailed examples of the Galleries visit the Image Gallery page of the Web Style Guide.

Types of Image Galleries:

  1. Sliding images with titles or descriptions
  2. Sliding images with thumbnails
  3. Sliding images only
  4. Content Slider: created and inserted as a "Content Slider Snippet"

error_outline Three, four or right sidebar columns are too narrow to display Galleries in a high quality way, for more information about image galleries, check out the Web Style Guide

Creating an Image Gallery

  1. Navigate to Assets (Content > Assets) in the Global Navigation bar.
  2. Click New.
  3. From the New Asset modal, select Image Gallery.
  4. In the New Image Gallery screen, fill out the information in the Asset Info
    1. The Descriptions and Tags will help you find your Gallery in the Asset list.
  5. Set the Access settings which effect who can edit and/or use the asset.
    1. The "Access Group" is the group that has access to edit the gallery
    2. "Available To" option is the group that can insert the gallery on their site page(s).
    3. If you  want to change the Access Settings of an image gallery you can do so by checking-out the image gallery to you and selecting Parameters > Access. Remember to save your changes.
  6. Don't make changes to the Gallery Options panel

    New image gallery screen

  7. Click Create.
  8. Add the images to the asset by selecting the Add button and selecting images or dragging and dropping them (from your desktop or an external source) into the images panel.
  9. Depending on how the image gallery is displayed on the page, the title, description and/or link fields will appear with the images in the gallery.
    1. Title: The display name of the image, it appears to the left of the image.
    2. Description: Allows users to enter a brief description about the image and is required if you want captions to display underneath the images.
    3. Caption: This field does not display in the gallery.
    4. When selecting images remember to use images of a common aspect ratio. For example choose all vertical or horizontal images, don't mix and match.
      Select image for image gallery
  10. Click Save.
  11. Click Publish to publish the asset.

error_outline While an asset can be inserted on a page before the asset has been published, the asset must be published in order for it to display on a page properly.

Inserting an Image Gallery on a Page

Image Galleries are inserted onto a page by selecting the Insert Asset icon in the JustEdit toolbar. Search for the Image Gallery, select it and click Insert.

The image gallery will not display properly unless the Image Gallery asset has been published and you have clicked the Save and Exit icon in the JustEdit toolbar.

Adding, Deleting, and Reordering Images

During the initial image gallery creation, images can be removed by clicking the 'X' in the top right of each image box. Additional images can be added at any time by clicking the Add button or dragging and dropping images into the Images panel.

After the gallery has been created and published, you can add or remove images from the gallery in the same manner described above. Metadata for existing images can be edited as well. Once the images have been added, deleted, or edited, you need to save the gallery asset and republish it for the changes to be reflected on the live site.

The order that the images are placed within the gallery determines the order within the gallery or slider. To change the order of an image:  

  1. Hover over the image
  2. Click and drag it into the new location
  3. Repeat as necessary with other images
  4. Click Save
  5. Republish the asset

Deleting an Image Gallery

To delete an image gallery:

  1. Go to Content > Assets and search for the image gallery in the search box.
  2. Hover over the image gallery you want to delete and select File > Delete
  3. Select Delete  

error_outline Image galleries are permanently deleted and cannot be recovered