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Logging In and Out

Instead of logging into a web site for OU Campus, the CMS uses a "secret" link, called the DirectEdit Link, on every web page a web author has permissions to update. Starting with the web page means web authors are taken directly into the page and site they want to update.

Since all of UNC's web pages are now technically one "site", the list of individual sites is very long and this method makes it quicker to get into your pages in the CMS.

How to Log In

Web Authors and Contributors alike can log in to OU Campus via a published page with the use of an on-page link known as DirectEdit™.  The DirectEdit link is the "Page Last Updated" date located in the footer. Every page of a web site managed by OU Campus includes a DirectEdit link to allow content contributors to log in directly to edit a page.

Login to OU Campus with DirectEdit

  1. Navigate to the desired page on the “live” website
  2. Click the DirectEdit link on the published page. For UNCO’s website, the DirectEdit link is the “Page Last Updated” date at the bottom of the footer on each page.

    DirectEdit link screenshot

  3. Use first.last and network password to login. Your password will change automatically in OU Campus when you change it in UNC's network.

         Log in window for OUCampus

  4. Once on the page, select an editable region and click the green Content Region button to begin editing using the JustEdit Toolbar.
  5. Edit the page and save changes. Preview the changes and Publish them (or send to an approver if you cannot publish on your own).

How to Log Out

You can log out of OU Campus via the global navigation bar.

  1. Hover over your user name.
  2. Choose Logout from the menu.
     Logging out of OU Campus through the menu.

Please do not change your user settings.