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Getting Started with OU Campus

There are three types of requests to get started in OU Campus:

  1. Request the creation of a new site via the new site setup/access form. This is the form to use  if you have permission as a Web Author for an existing site that is not in OU Campus or if you need permissions to create a new site in OU Campus
  2. If the site currently exists in OU Campus and you need permissions to create, edit and publish pages, submit the existing site access form.
  3. If you are a web author and would like to allow other faculty, staff or students to edit pages that must be approved and published by you, please have them use the existing site access form

Web Communications will build the site master section, footer file, top navigation files, image and folders and the index.pcf (AKA: home) page and set the required permissions. You will be notified via email when this is complete.

When Your Site is Created...

  • You will be working in a development directory called Omnidev.
  • You will be publishing your test files to the directory Omnidev on WWW.
  • As you work on conversion, your sites will be viewable on www.unco.edu/omnidev/website-name from campus or off campus when logged into Junos Pulse.
  • You must submit a Make OU Campus Site Live form to move your site from the Omnidev development directory to WWW.