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Getting Started with OU Campus

There are two types of requests to get started in OU Campus:

  1. New Site setup/access: Use this option if you need web author access to a website that is not in OU Campus or want to create a new website. 
  2. Existing Site Access: Select this option if you need permissions to create new content, edit existing webpages and publish changes.  

Submit a web request today

Web Communications will build the site master section, footer file, top navigation files, image and folders and the index.pcf (AKA: home) page and set the required permissions. You will be notified via email when this is complete.

When Your Site is Created...

  • You will be working in a development directory called Omnidev.
  • You will be publishing your test files to the directory Omnidev on WWW.
  • As you work on conversion, your sites will be viewable on www.unco.edu/omnidev/website-name from campus or off campus when logged into the VPN, Cisco AnyConnect.
  • You must submit a Make OU Campus Site Live form to move your site from the Omnidev development directory to WWW.