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Request for go.unco.edu URL

The subdomain of go.unco.edu is intended to provide short URLs for promotional campaigns that include print pieces such as flyers and posters. Promotional campaigns have a specific purpose and end date.

Examples of possible short URLs are go.unco.edu/becomeabear for a flyer for an Admissions event or go.unco.edu/vote for a Student Senate campaign.

These URLs will go to the longer, “real” URL and are intended to be for short term, campaign promotions.

When the URL is no longer needed, please submit a support ticket at help.unco.edu to delete the entry.

The questions below will allow tracking analytics to be added to the URL.

Shortened URL Request

(e.g.: go.unco.edu/vote)

(example: www.unco.edu/student-senate/candidate-2017-list)

When will this campaign end?

(example: Student Vote 2017)

(example: Student poster and flyer)

Approval – Academic Dean or Administrative Department Director

By submitting this form, I verify I have received approval of the URL from the appropriate person in my department.