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Existing Site Access

To be approved for existing OU Campus site access please complete or schedule OU Campus Training. Once you have completed the training, please fill out the form below. You must have permission from your immediate supervisor to request access and include their name and email on the form.

Attention Faculty: Before filling out this access form to make updates to your existing or new faculty page please contact your college/department web author if this is for a new faculty page. Since they will need to create this new page for you and then send you the address for your new page. Make sure to fill out the web author name and email below in case we need to contact them with technical questions.

Attention TA, GA or Student Workers: Make sure to fill out the web author name and email below. This person is responsible for your college or department site.

Questions regarding UNC WWW policies/standards may be addressed via email to webmaster@unco.edu.

User Information
OU Campus

If you haven't completed training which upcoming session are you attending?

Website Information
Web Author Agreement

If you your changes require approval by the web author, please enter that person's name.

Your approving web author's email

Existing Site Access Agreement

I acknowledge that I have read the University of Northern Colorado and understand the Family Education & Privacy Act and the University of Northern Colorado computing procedures. I further acknowledge that I understand my responsibilities as related to FERPA and to the Information Technology policies and am aware that unauthorized release of student information is in violation of the FERPA policy and will necessitate the revocation of access to the University data. Violation of FERPA and Information Technology procedures and any improper use of computer resources may result in disciplinary action up to and including termination. For additional information on Data Handling procedures please visit: http://www.unco.edu/it/Policies/DataHandling.pdf.

Server accounts on WWW.UNCO.EDU are available to UNC colleges, departments, programs, and officially chartered organizations. Each account must have a Web Author who will act as the responsible party for the page/site.