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Request for depts.unco.edu URL

The subdomain of depts.unco.edu is intended to provide short URLs for departments and programs at UNC. These URL’s are meant for print materials such as posters, flyers and business cards.

Examples of short URLs are depts.unco.edu/anth (Anthropology), depts.unco.edu/cie (Center for International Education) and depts.unco.edu/och (Off-campus Housing).

Please note these URLs will redirect to the “real”, longer URL and are intended to be created for the home page or major subsection of a site.

Deeper page path names can’t be added by users to the URL. For example, if a user typed in depts.unco.edu/anth/aboutus, they would get a Page Not Found error on the depts.unco.edu/anth site.

If a URL is no longer needed, please submit a support ticket at help.unco.edu to delete the entry.

Shortened URL Request

ex: depts.unco.edu/psci

ex: www.unco.edu/hss/political-science-international-affairs

Approval – Academic Dean or Administrative Department Director

By submitting this form, I verify I have received approval of the URL from the appropriate person in my department.