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Viewing a Workflow Message

When content is sent for approval, the sender can attach a message. This is associated with the item in Workflow as a Workflow Message, which can be viewed by performing one of the following actions:

  • Hovering over the file row and clicking on the View option
  • Clicking the Status icon
  • By selecting the checkbox next to the item and clicking View From within the message, you can:
  • Click the linked file to preview the content sent for approval
  • View the workflow details, including the site from which the content originated, the status, the date of the latest action indicated by status (e.g., if the content has only been sent for approval but not approved, this shows the sent date, once published this shows the publish date), and who sent the content and the approver. This also shows the message's details: i.e., the date and time the message was sent, the subject, and the message (if any).
  • Delete the message
  • Reply to the message
  • Navigate back to Workflow

Workflow mailbox message