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Using a Workflow


Workflow is a component of the Mailbox that allows you to track content that has been sent for review through the approval process. The Workflow list view shows content that you, the current user, has submitted to another user or received from another user. Additionally, content that has passed through or completed a workflow process (such as when content was approved and published, the request was declined, or canceled) is also shown in this view.

Choosing Workflow through the OU Campus dashboard

Workflow can be found in the global navigation bar at Dashboard > Workflow or by clicking the Workflow link near your name on the Dashboard page.

When an administrator configures access settings for a page, users editing the page may be required to submit their changes to an approver in order for the content to be published. When this is the case, the Publish button on the page will be replaced with the Submit button. Users can include a message to the approver along with the submission. These messages, along with a link to the content, appear in the approver's Workflow list view.

General messages unrelated to approvals that are sent to the user's account will not be found on the Approval page. They are available in the Inbox.

Level 9 and Level 10 administrators may view the Pending Approvals report to view all content in workflow across all users.

Overview of the OU Campus workflow dashboard

The Workflow screen includes the following features and functionality:

  • The number of items in the Workflow
  • Filter tool to narrow down visible results in the list view
  • Selection checkboxes to select and delete multiple messages at a time, or to view a single workflow message
  • Sortable columns in the list view. Messages can be sorted by From, Approver, File, Status, or Date
  • The linked file name which can be clicked to preview the content
  • Status icons indicated where the page is in the workflow process
  • The date and time that the content was sent for approval