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Using Tables

Please note: the table toolbar option is not shown by default. If you need to insert a table in your page, please submit a ticket via help.unco.edu – web assistance. 

Tables should be used for tabular data such as meal plan options by type and semester or tuition costs pages.

Inserting a Table

The Table drop-down menu is in the JustEdit toolbar. This icon: JustEdit toolbar table icon will bring up a drop-down menu where all table properties are now found, from inserting a new table to merging cells and editing properties. 

To insert a new table, Click the Table icon and hover over Insert Table and use the mouse to hover over the correct amount of rows and columns. Clicking will create the table. 

Insert a Table drop down menu

Editing Table Properties 

Clicking the Table icon > Table Properties will bring up a modal where you can modify the properties of a table.

The General tab contains basic options like table dimensions, cell spacing and padding, border width, toggling a table caption, table alignment, and setting a custom CSS class for the table.

Table properties general modal

The Advanced tab allows you to set styling for the table as well as border and background color. 

Table properties advanced

Show Table Outlines

The Show Table Outlines icon adds/removes the outlines of tables that would be invisible otherwise, for visual purposes only. These lines disappear when the editable region is saved and the page is viewed in Preview. 

Show table outlines

Table Cell Options 

Table cell options menu

This menu contains three options:

  • Cell Properties
    Cell properties modal
  • Merge Cells: Will merge the selected cells together
  • Split Cells: Will separate a previously merged cell into its original cells. 

Table Row Options

This menu contains the following options:

Table row options

Table Column Options

This menu contains three options:

Table column options