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Fast Facts

Want to include University wide data and survey results on your website? We've made it easy with Fast Facts!

These "Fast Facts" Widgets can be inserted in the Right Sidebar (on one or multiple webpages) or within any editable content region. This data is edited and maintained by a web author in the Assessment Office so you know the data will always be accurate and up-to-date.

We're adding new Fast Facts quite frequently, so be sure to check back soon. If there's something you think we should build, be sure to let us know.

View all Available Fast Facts

Inserting Fast Facts

Fast Facts can be inserted on your webpages three ways using the appropriate Widget's filepath (which specifies the location of the Widget within the CMS):

  1. Via a sections' _Props.pcf file
  2. Via the webpage's Page Parameters
  3. Using the Widget Anywhere Snippet

File Paths

Browse for the Fast Fact you would like to use and copy/paste the path according to however you will be using the snippet.

View all Available Fast Facts

Fast Fact example path

Using Widget Anywhere

  1. Open editable region you want to insert the Fast Fact in
  2. Select the Insert Snippet icon
  3. Select Widget Anywhere
  4. Once Inserted update the file path (see file paths below)
  5. Click Save & Exit
  6. Republish the webpage

Note: The Fast Facts inserted using the Widget Anywhere Snippet will not display properly in OU Campus. You will need to publish the webpage to see the Widgets.

Using Page Parameters

  1. Open the appropriate webpage
  2. Make lightbulb yellow
  3. Select Properties > Parameters
  4. Paste file path to the Widget 1 or Widget 2 field(s)
  5. Click Save
  6. Republish webpage

Using _Props.pcf

  1. Open the _props.pcf file
  2. Make the lightbulb yellow
  3. Click Properties > Parameters
  4. Paste file path in the Widget 1 or Widget 2 field(s)
  5. Click Save
  6. Republish section and/or correpsonding webpages.