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Blog Post Listing Page

The Listing Page is the webpage that displays a list of the Blog Posts you create, and is usually the index.pcf page of the Blog Section/subsection unless you create additional listing pages.

Note: The listing page only pulls blog Posts while in production (i.e.: the live version of the page) and is not displayed properly in edit or preview mode within OU Campus.

Staging View:

Preview of listing page in staging/edit mode

Production View:

View of Listing Page in Production

Editing a Listing Page

While there are no editable regions on a Listing Page, there are page parameters that can be configured. As with all pages, you should add an appropriate Title, Description, and Keywords. You can also configure the Right Sidebar to display any combination of Featured Posts, Recent Posts, or Available Tabs.

  1.  Check-out the Page (make sure light bulb is yellow)
  2. Select Properties > Parameters
  3. Set Title and Metadata
    1. Title: displays in browser tab
    2. Description: Displaus in Google Search results, 150 characters maximum
    3. Keywords: Words that might be used by web users searching for your content via UNC search
    4. Tags: Used for internal OU Campus use (and are not related to Blog Post Tags)
  4. Custom Settings
    1. Image Region: Toggle banner image on/off
    2. Page Heading and Page Paragraph: Both display in blue box 
    3. Set Breadcrumb
  5. Sidebar Content
    1. Toggle on/off the following options:
      1. Sidebar region (must be turned on to see any of the below options)
      2. Side Navigation
      3. Featured Articles
      4. Recent Articles
      5. Right Side Tags (this are differnt than the Metadata Tags in Parameters)
    2. Insert Widggets (Note: Widgets will display under all other sidebar content toggled on)
  6. Blog Options
    1. Set Starting Directory
      1. Note: To create additional Blog Sections you must contact Web Support
      2. By default, the starting directory value is equal to the current directory. This value could be updatedif their were additional Blog Sections.
    2. Year Filter
      1. Set this filter Blogs displayed by year
    3. Post Per Page (the default is 4 Blogs per page)
  7. Click Save and Publish/Republish Page

Creating a New Listing Page

New Blog Listing pages can be used for archived blog posts, and are typically sorted by year. To createa new Listing Page follow the instructions provided below:

  1. Select New > Blog Listing
  2. Fill out the New Blog Listing Page modal information
    Listing page modal
  3. Click Create
  4. Use Properties > Parameters to edit new listing page settings ('Editing a Listing Page' above)

Note: Web Authors are unable to create new Blog Subsections - if you need a New Blog Subsection please submit a ticket via Web Support or the OU Campus Help Gadget.