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Create New Blog Post

  1.  Select New > Blog Post
  2. Fill out the New Blog Post Page modal infomration and click Create
    New blog post Modal Note: The Description field will generate the Google Search description found under Page Parameters as well as the short blog description found via Multiedit. Either one an be edited at anytime.

Editable Regions

  1. Click the Green Highlight button: In the Blog Highlight Table insert a video or image via the JustEdit Toolbar. If both an image and video are inserted, only the image will be displayed.
    Note: To insert a video click the add Video icon and paste Youtube or Vimeo URL in the Insert/Edit Video modal. Highlight images should be 638px wide, and less than 400 px.
  2. Click the Save and Exit icon
  3. Click the Green Main Content button to add Blog content


  1. Select the orange Mulitedit button to edit/update the following blog information:
    1. Post Title
    2. Post Author
    3. Post Author email
    4. Author Image (Note: must be sized 160x160)
    5. Add/edit Post Tags: Post tags display in the right sidebar and are used to find other Blog Posts with similar tags. It's important to remember they are different than the tags created in Page Parameters.
    6.  Select whether Post will display on the listing page
    7. Add/Edit Blog Post description that display on the listing page (approximately 100 words or less)
    8. Select a Post image for the listing page (Note: must be sized 160x160)
    9. Select whether the Post should be a Featured Posts: All Featured Posts display on the top of the Listing Page above all other Blog Posts.
  2. Click Save

Page Parameters

Check page out to you, and select Properties > Parameters to edit/update the following information:

  1. Title and Metadata Details
    1. Title
    2. Description (Displays in Google Search Results)
    3. Keywords
    4. Tags (Different from Post Tags in Multiedit)
  2. Custom Settings:
    1. Image Region: Turn on/off banner image
    2. Page Heading and Page Paragraph (display in blue box)
    3. Breadcrumbs
    4. Select Gallery Type, if an image gallery is include in the Blog Post
    5. Sidebar Content Options (on/off, side navigation and Widgets)

After making any changes remember to click save, and publish (or republish) the Blog Post.