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Come to UNC Because

A journey An illustration of an open door.

Students come to UNC

to get training for a specific career, learn what interests them and to get a better job


Choose UNC Because

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Students choose UNC because

of our academic reputation, the cost of attendance, our size, graduates get good jobs and our reputation for social activities


Student Goals

A journey An illustration of an open door.

Students' long-term goals include

to be well-off financially and help others who are in difficulty.

~From a survey of UNC students by the Office of Assessment


Student Recommendation and Satisfaction

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of graduating seniors would recommend UNC

(and 90% feel satisfied with their overall college experience)


Student Recommendation

Recommendation thumbs up An illustration of a right hand with thump point up surrounded by three stars.


of graduating seniors would recommend UNC


Student Satisfaction

A happy face An illustration of a face with mouth open and head tilted.


of graduating seniors feel satisfied with their overall college experience


Student Work Experience

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of graduating seniors work more than 5 hours per week for pay off campus


Student Future Earnings

Money plant An illustration of money sprouting from a plant in a pot.

will earn $3.10

in future earnings for every $1 they invest in their education

(and the corresponding annual rate of return is 10.7%)


Power of a Dollar from Residents

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For every dollar

Colorado residents spend on Northern Colorado Public Colleges and Universities, they will reap $6.30 in benefits from an educated workforce


Student to Faculty Ratio

17:1 Student-to-Faculty Ratio

with 744 total faculty

(490 of which are full-time)



Loveland Denver Main Campus Greeley Colorado Springs

Four Locations

across the front range

(or globally at UNC online)


Greeley Ranking

Greeley ranks among the
top 10

best-performing cities in the country by the Milken Institute


Class Size


is our average class size, and 67% of our courses have fewer than 30 students


Incoming Scholarships and Aid


of incoming first-year students are awarded grants or scholarships


Student Population


of undergraduate students are Colorado residents

(but all 50 states, the Canadian Provinces and 47 countries outside of the US are represented)


First Generation


of UNC Students are

(which means they're among the first in their family to attend college)


International Enrollment

Home to 359
International Students

from 58 countries all over the world


Student Enrollment

total students

making one large family

(10,232 undergraduate and
3,205 graduate students)


Transfer Students

1 in every 4
incoming students
is a transfer


Number of Colleges


Number of Undergraduate Programs

undergraduate programs


Number of Graduate Programs


to satisfy your hunger to continue learning


Number of Extended Campus Programs


offered online and across Colorado through our Extended Campus