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OU Campus Self-Help

The Content Management System (CMS) enables web authors to create and publish content for the web much quicker than using traditional methods. A new web design accompanies the CMS and all sites will move into the new design via the CMS tool. The design will be a consistent, UNC brand with a modern design that responsively resizes on all devices.

Top Questions

  • Can I change the heading on my faculty profile?

    To portray a professional image, faculty pages are required to have a consistent set of content and the headings have been approved by the Provost Office.  There is a field for "Other Experiences" that can be displayed,  please contact your Web Author or submit a support ticket to discuss that option.

  • Can I resize images in OU Campus?

    You can resize images using the insert/edit image icon in the toolbar but it is recommended to resize the image outside of OU Campus in a tool such as Photoshop and then upload it.

    The Web Style Guide has helpful information on the image sizes needed to fill a one and two column structure on your page.


  • What happens to my current site URL's when my new site is published?

    Web Communications will redirect your top level URL to the new URL. Any critical pages that may be linked can also be redirected. Once your set is ready to publish, there will be a form to send us the old>new URL's and a web config file will be added to your site to create an SEO-friendly redirect.

  • Where can I obtain photos for my new site?

    Creative Services has developed a  Photo Galley and is adding images constantly.  Once you have attended CMS training, your email will allow you to create an account in the UNC Photo Gallery and download images.  There is more information in the Obtaining Images section of this site.  


Open a Support Ticket

The Office of Web Communications offers OU Campus support via the OU Campus dashboard. Use the Request Help gadget to open a support ticket or visit the Technical Support Center site to submit a ticket - Ticket Description type is Web Assistance.