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Want to spice up a existing webpage? Or add some flair to a new one? With fast facts it's easy to add brag-worthy data and survey results about UNC on your website!

The Office of Assessment will regularly gather and analyze data from surveys completed by UNC students and alumni to maintain the accuracy of the fast facts. That means the facts inserted on your page will be regularly updated by a third party and is one less thing you are responsible for maintaining.

There are six existing fast facts, so be sure to check them all out! Here is a sneak peek at two of them:

A journey An illustration of an open door.

Students come to UNC

to get training for a specific career, learn what interests them and to get a better job

Chatting group An illustrated group of people gathered with speech bubbles above head.


of graduating seniors would recommend UNC

(and 90% feel satisfied with their overall college experience)

Inserting Fast Facts

Want to learn how to insert fast facts? It's pretty easy, just head over to the Web Support website to find out where and how you can insert them onto your webpages.