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Insert Component Button

Widget Anywhere Component makes it quicker to include widgets anywhere on your page. [READ FULL POST]

Web accessibility logo of person surrounded by circle on blue background

Being accessible goes beyond just screen readers and people with visual difficulties – it helps everyone. To help us in this task, we've gathered a few useful tips to remember when creating pages. [READ FULL POST]

New Search Tool

Over the past year, Web Communications has been looking at tools to replace the search and we are excited to announce that the search has been upgraded! [READ FULL POST]

Using the Dependency Tag Info Gadget

Linking to another UNC website that you don't have access to? You can still use dependency tags! Learn how to use the dependency tag gadget to quickly find dependency tags for any webpage maintained in OU Campus. [READ FULL POST]

Alternate Color for headings

Web Commuincations is introducing a new heading class that can be applied to any header 2 through 6 called "Alternate Color". This style is accessed the same way as the existing heading styles: Caps Gold, Small and Paragraph Size. [READ FULL POST]

Quality Control Message

We have launched the first of a few strategies to increase the SEO of our web pages. All pages should have a description meta tag that helps search engines, like Google, understand the content that is on the page. [READ FULL POST]