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Technical Guidelines

Use of Templates

All university web pages must be built and maintained within the University’s Content Management System (CMS).

The CMS templates are a set of choices with a consistent, branded look developed to promote the professional image of the university, ensure quality design, adhere to Web Guidelines and technical best practices including a responsive design and build efficiency into the process of creating and maintaining pages.

All University web sites are required to use the standard university logo image and navigation menu supplied with the templates. Very rare exceptions may be made by the Office of Web Communications.

The Office of Web Communications will periodically update the template according to best practice or branding needs and reserves the right to alter the template for specific use cases.

Home Page Named Index

The homepage is named index.aspx in the Content Management System. This file name allows the use of a short URL since the server then knows to look for the index page as the home page.

Style Sheets

The UNC style sheet is included with the template files and should not be superseded by inline or embedded style sheets.

Domain Name Web Addresses

The standard format for a University of Northern Colorado URL (web address) is www.unco.edu/website-name. A unique or "domain" URL, such as library.unco.edu, can be requested for prominent sites through the Office of Web Communications and requests will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.

Shortened URLs

University departments can request a shortened URL of go.unco.edu/name for short term advertising campaigns and depts.unco.edu/name for shortened URLs, such as depts.unco.edu/cebs.

Submit a shortened URL request

Hosting of Other Sites

The University of Northern Colorado will provide web site hosting for any professionally or institutionally relevant site for faculty or staff, resources permitting. All hosted web sites must comply with relevant laws, regulations, and university policies and procedures at all times.

UNC Server and Security Requirements

The university supports a Microsoft environment and all web functionality must operate within this requirement. In addition, all sites musts comply with University Computer Procedures.