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Image Properties

All web graphics should have height and width tags to optimize download time. All web images should be optimized for web publication, including resizing, cropping and saving for web use to reduce file size.

Alternative text (alt tags) must be added for each graphic to comply with accessibility standards.

Home Page Banner

The banner image at the top of a page should be a full picture and not include text or logos.

Permission for use

The University graphics cannot be altered in any way. They are the copyrighted property of the University of Northern Colorado.

To comply with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), identifiable student faces must be accompanied by a photo release form. It is the responsibility of the department to obtain and maintain the release form.

All images and photographs obtained from other sources, including copyrighted UNC photos (example: James A. Michener photos) must comply with copyright law.


The clarity and composition of the image should be of high quality and university photography should be used in all possible cases. Clip art should not be used on Web pages.

Graphic Standards

Use of UNC logos must follow University graphic standards.