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Definitions of terms contained in Web Support

Official Web Page

A University web page is one created and maintained by University academic areas, administrative departments or sponsored groups and organizations for the purpose of providing information regarding their programs and activities. These pages are considered Official University pages.

Web Authors

The individuals responsible for maintaining area web sites throughout the University.

Home Page

The main page of the web site, usually named index.aspx.

Sub Page

Pages within a web site linked from the site's home page or another subpage.

Instructional Page

An instructional page is a web page used as an element in the delivery of a University class. This may include syllabi, exercises, etc.

External Web Sites

Web pages which exist outside of the domain of www.unco.edu.

Single Source

Content should exist in only one place on the university web site; this includes tuition costs, catalog information and schedule of classes information. Other web pages should link to single source information and not reproduce the content.


Creating web pages to be usable by people with disabilities.

University Banner

The header at the top of the web page containing the logo, search and University links.

Banner Image

The large image at the top of the site home page.