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Volunteer Opportunities

Here are just a few of nearly endless reasons and benefits to volunteering in the community.

Build Skills and Your Resume
One of the greatest ways to build your resume is by developing your skills, knowledge, and abilities, which is a distinct benefit of community work. When you volunteer, you'll not only have the guidance of employees who are specialists and experts in their fields, but you get to practice alongside them. When you consider the dozens of opportunities and organizations we partner with on our Volunteer site, it should be easy for you to find an organization where you can develop whatever skills you need to make yourself more employable.

Develop a Career Network
When searching for a job or building your career, networking is integral to personal success. Two key components of networking include being seen and getting involved in community events to make personal connections and foster relationships with others in your community. Not only will you build an effective professional network, but many students who volunteer at an organization are offered permanent positions after graduation.

Enhance Your Education
One of the most effective ways to learn, much of which can’t be taught in the classroom, is through experience. One of the best ways to gain these types of learning experiences is to find an organization that both fits your needs and interests and capitalizes on your strengths to provide a service for the community.

Create Positive Change in Your Community
Nonprofit organizations are the driving force behind the majority of today’s social and policy change. Everything from local, grassroots activism to international politics requires the efforts of nonprofit organizations. Moreover, nonprofits require the energy and input of volunteers. Impact and change are possible through your contribution as a volunteer!

Be a Part of Your Community
Community involvement is one of the best ways to connect to your community. There are many diverse communities surrounding our Greeley campus – the best way to learn about them and from them is to become a part of them. The simplest gesture of offering your skills and enthusiasm and willingness to learn from others will positively impact the lives of everyone in the community.

Learn about the Greater Greeley Community
There are many amazing and unexpected things about Greeley and Weld County. Did you know that Weld County is the richest agricultural county east of the Rocky Mountains? Did you know that English is not the primary language for ¼ of the population in Greeley and that 10% of Greeley is foreign born? By getting involved in the greater Greeley area, these are the kinds of things you can find out about the community.

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