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Katie Garcia

Katie Garcia

Business Administration: Marketing

Aurora, Colorado

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About Katie

Hey, everybody! My name is Katie Garcia, and I am currently a junior at the University of Northern Colorado. Even though I am born and raised in Colorado, I love to travel and have already been to Scotland, England, Canada, and a few states. I picked UNC, not only for the great atmosphere and beautiful campus, but also for the great academic programs and the fact that it is located close to home. I have a big family, and they are really important to me. My mom actually graduated from UNC!  I am a Business major with an emphasis in Marketing, but I have a wide range of interests including reading, art, and anything involving athletics. I like trying new things and going on adventures!

3 Fun Facts:

1. I love animals --any animals-- especially sloths and pangolins, and reserve the right to 'aww' over all of them!
2. I really enjoy baking goodies. I make some mean brownies - -they can get pretty feisty!
3. As you can tell, my sense of humor is a mixture of sad jokes, puns, and play on words. 

Favorite Place on Campus:

I really adore so many spots on campus, since there are so many beautiful places. I love the coffee corners, though. I got to have my caffeine!

Advice to Prospective Students:

Don't spend all your time in your room. Go out and try new clubs and activities. It's up to you to make your college experience the way you want it.

Where is your favorite place to eat in Greeley?


What actor do you think would play you in the movie Tour Wars Episode VI: Revenge of the Bears

Betty White