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Benjamin Corneliusen

Benjamin Corneliusen

Music Education: K-12 Instrumental with a Jazz Studies Emphasis

Contact Information

About Benjamin

My name is Benjamin Corneliusen, and I am studying Music Education with an emphasis in Jazz Studies. I am a Senior from Colorado Springs, CO who is involved with the Pride of the Rockies Marching Band, Impact Campus Ministry, and the Upper Division Honors Program.

3 Fun Facts

  1. I’m a huge fan of the Chicago Cubs and have been my whole life
  2. I’m an Enneagram 1
  3. I have watched The Office at least 7 times all the way through

Best Advice

UNC has a LOT going on, all the time, so take advantage of all of the incredible opportunities. Don't be afraid to go to all the events happening around campus. Often, that's how you will find like-minded people that you can become friends with. Get involved!

Favorite Place to Eat

Cheba Hut