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Ayden Aguayo

Ayden Aguayo


Brighton, CO

Contact Information

About Ayden

My name is Ayden Aguayo and I am a sophomore Sociology major. Coming to UNC as a first year student with a diverse background I was looking for an overall accepting campus. I have definitely found that at UNC. On campus I'm involved with spectrum, activities that the Gender and Sexuality Resource Center, and I'm often studying or watching movies in the Wilson or Turner lounges.

3 Facts

 1. I adopted a three legged dog on my birthday.

 2. My best friend was my freshman year roommate that I met on move-in day. 

 3. My favorite animal is a sea turtle. 

Favorite Place on Campus

The residence halls

Advice to Prospective Students

Get involved and don't hold yourself back! You're capable of much more than you think. Especially as a first generation student it's important that you realize you do belong and you worked hard to get here. 

Where is your favorite place to eat in Greeley?

Wing Shack

What actor do you think would play you in the movie Tour Wars Episode VI: Revenge of the Bears?

Elliot Fletcher